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Adequate kit, but just barely.

This Triangle Lab kit comes with an undersized stepper (JK42HW20-10041-04A) for the gear drive. The Binky encoder board was defective. The V623ZZ bearing was bad. The kit is missing the wire and connectors for the included limit switches. The overall kit quality is "adequate", but do not expect the quality you would get from LDO.

West3D quickly replaced the defective Binky board so I am very confident buying from West3D.

Tested with Asa, no issues with adhesion. Nice and clean

Makes things less complicated

More straightforward than some other distro boards and easier to setup than can

Makes hueforge way easier

Much easier to get the info you need

Warehouse Junk
Bryan J.
Why not?

Got a Stepperonline NEMA 17 motor, just what I needed for my Tradrack.

Lack of LDO documentation made the install harder to understand

Perfect replacement

Clogged my heatblock and ordered one of these, super easy install, and never hurts to buy an extra for clogs!

Very useful

Any normal sewing pins and random lengths of wire wo t go through .4 hole, but these things fit the bill perfectly, although Im not sure what the silicone tube is for 😅, defjnitely worth the 6$

Looks different from picture BUT STILL GREAT

I had a miscon eption about when I recieved the product and thought I had recieved a non ratcheting torque wrench,but apparently 2.5 nm is alot tighter than I thought, but I digress, super easy to use and makes hot tightening a breeze, West3d,Best3d

Won't buy again

Breaks easily, randomly falls apart. Factory spool, respooled, wet, dry, no matter, breaks easily. Its been an issue since day one with this PC-CF.

Wow - now that is a hot end fan

Considerable airflow boost verus the low-end hot-end fan that my printer came with. Wow.

These dont work for monolith

Bought the idlers and pulleys thinking these would work( i was told they would) on the monolith build but the flanges are 18mm on the idlers. The bom calls out for 16mm MAX dia.

This isnt a negative review i just to help someone in the future if you are looking at these for monolith build.

Best Panels

I received the smoked panel and they look amazing. Panels came wrapped and scratch free. I’ll purchase more when I build another.

Very Tight Tolerances

I had to lightly polish the pins before I could get the ABEC9 bearings to slide on. Once this was done, the pins provided a better fit than screws.

Perfect for V0

This expansion board pairs perfectly with a pi zero to save space on a V0.

Nice LED Strip

Nice little strip. I had one unit go bad (individual leds would flicker or not light up), and then the replacement one had a different pinout (same part number). Overall, it’s a nice product.
As always, the folks at West 3D are stellar!

Excellent Project

This is a great kit to assemble in between printer builds! Very impressive for a dart blaster.

Very good kit

Includes all parts and link to github page. Instructions were easy to follow. Stl's printed great. Calibration was a breeze. I compared this to the phone app frequency calibration and it was spot on.

125mm two sided - Works well

Bought one of these to use as a spare for my V0. Adhesion and release are both great. The only problem I have is that sometimes, and I have yet to figure out how or why, the plate will actually get shifted off of the magnet while printing. I am going to swap to a stronger magnetic sheet at some point to see if that solves it. The plate performs as expected, so I am giving it 5 stars for function.

Great Extruder

I bought one of these for my Voron 2.4R2 build. I was having a really weird issue with the CW2 extruder, I think I may have had a defective bearing. I ended up deciding to just do this upgrade and I am glad I did. My extrusion has been extremely consistent, and the whole thing went together very easily.


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