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Based on 1579 reviews

Fantastic nozzle, handles everything and handles the heat very well

High quality voron 2.4 parts

I received my printed parts order within the time frame listed on the site. They came well package and the parts themselves were of great quality.

Looks and prints great! I ended up with hotend temps closer to 280-290 to get max flow, but that was the only problem I’ve had with it so far

Great Kit

Everything you want or don't want in one kit. Want to use different electronics, just change the options. Hardest part on this kit is deciding what you want.

Fantastic customer support when you need it. Daniel and the team at West3d go above and beyond to make sure you have the best customer experience possible.

I have since purchased an ERCFV2 kit from them and the fridge door kit and am looking at getting a V1/Trident kit in the future.

High quality panels

Great panels for the final part of my build. They are very dark which is what I expected. So happy with how it turned out!

Perfect bed heater

Sooo… I bought a bed kit from micro center and it came with a 220v750w bed heater. After realizing I came here and got this heater as a replacement. No complaints works as intended. The shipping was very quick! Don’t buy the 350mm voron bed kit from micro center.

Great quality as always.

Rapido2 heater failed. Drop in replacement and good quality. So far no issues after 2 months.

Great quality as always.

Works as advertised. Messed my wire up and perfect replacement.

Best bearings I’ve seen

Very smooth ceramic bearings, great upgrade for a high speed print, hopefully they last a few years.


Ego sum butyrum, ego sum butyrum ego sumb butyrum,EGO SUM BUTYRUM.Its good. The color selection is great, would love to see a gf or cf variant someday!


Very nice, feels of good quality, and much cheaper than a dry box, just keep your filament sin these with a silica pack and when youre ready to print, unseal it and warm the filament in the chamber, youll be golden!


All components where inside and everything was packaged nicely, very good upgrade to the cw2


Exactly what I needed, has plenty of extra wire length and setting up for the sb0000 board was cake as All I had to do was crimp,connect,forget

Ambrosia filament is amazing!

I have been using Ambrosia filament for my new Trident build and the outcome is amazing. Quality and tolerances are top notch, I haven't had a bad print using it ever. Midnight Meteorite is my favorite along with Galactic Planetary Blue. This combo can't be beat.

Better than Hiwin!

I currently have Hiwin rails and carriages on X and Y on my Voron 2.4 and thought they were the linear rail endgame. I am always chasing the dragon and decided to give these Motion Perfect rails and carriages a try, and I am blown away. They are buttery smooth out of the box and have the perfect amount of preload. There is 0 play in the carriage. So far I have only purchased and installed the rail on X, but I am very impressed. I will update once I run an input shaper pass to see if this rock solid rail improves my shaper tune.
Also, a huge plus is these rails are maintenance free! No cleaning ball bearings and repacking with grease! Again I'm very impressed with these, but they are expensive... But if you have the income and want the best for your printer, I dont think you will be disappointed!

Excellent service, excellent product and super fast international shipping time. Very impressed. Will be a repeat customer.

This was perfect! Exactly what I needed.

It's the real deap

Mistakes were made and needed more when building the fridge door. This solved the problem!

Great ASA Filament

I'm on my 6th roll of AMBROSIA ASA and love printing with it. The Black, Red, and Desert Brown have printed flawlesly, even with a cheep enclosure around my old Ender 3.

Pretty Good

I have bought and printed several colors. I have had no issues with the filament itself, save one issue with it being wound too tight near the center of the spool and it getting jammed up once. The colors are vibrant and the filament prints really well, recommended.


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