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Got me back up and running quick!

Previous Thermal fuse ate it after i ran the bed at 115C, West3D got this out quick and got my printer back up and running. Been working perfectly since. (Bought a spare just in case XD)

Have yet to use yet but shipping was as expected

Works like a champ.

I printed the supports for my Voron 2.4 350 and emplaced the lights in a very short time, wired it up and added the lights to my printer.cfg.

Very bright and good color.

So far so good

This is a higher quality piece than the OEM gearset. The extruder is a key component of any 3d printer, this is a must have in my book.

Awesome lightweight extruder

Previously I was running a Sherpa mini, but for some reason it never could grip the filament very well. It may have something to do with printing my own : |. I looked for other extruders and found the orbiter to be the closest popular extruder on the market. This thing is fantastic, and I haven't had the extruder slip even at 30 mm3/s flow! The quality and engineering of this extruder is top-notch.

Great toolhead board

I am using this to simplify tool head wiring for a tool changing printer. So far, this board is working great with klipper over CAN bus directly hooked up to the octopus, though I have heard that there may be some slowdown. This arrived with all the needed jumpers and connectors to redo the cabling.

Great HotEnd

Can push a lot of plastic and absolutely love the quick heat up times. West3D is awesome - Thanks to the great team there!

Great Quality Filament

I purchased the black and terrestrial blue ASA filament.
The boxes came undamaged, the filament packaging was nice as it also included a storage bag. The colors were true to the website images and will definitely be purchasing again!


Absoloutely A+ quality, was fairly simple to get up and printing the finish is super nice

Who doesn’t love a surprise, especially when it’s something cool and 3d printing related. I got a sweet Phaetus graphic T for 5$ very very happy as usual shopping with west3d

Nice high quality bearings at a good price! They handle the chamber temps just fine, have probably 40 hours on the bearings now and not 1 has shown any signs of wear or noise. Very happy

Best rail I’ve had yet! Dramatically improved my shapers, the quality is top notch and you can tell clear as day this isn’t the regular mass produced over seas type of rail, these are built with the customer in mind and that to me is the most important thing. Love west3d !!

Fantastic nozzle, handles everything and handles the heat very well

High quality voron 2.4 parts

I received my printed parts order within the time frame listed on the site. They came well package and the parts themselves were of great quality.

Looks and prints great! I ended up with hotend temps closer to 280-290 to get max flow, but that was the only problem I’ve had with it so far


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