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Based on 1446 reviews
The best ASA ive ever had

I have HATED asa forever, and had no luck no matter what brand or color etc. Somehow this prints just as easy as ABS with no warping in my X1C. Spool is perfect for the AMS's too without getting worn down.

Exactly what I needed.

Even though I have had a short interaction with these guys, product was perfect. Customer service is great!

Phenomenal products

I'm a first time buyer from West3d and I really don't know how it's not more well known. The linear rails I purchased glide another than I could ever ask for, even before cleaning and prepping. I kind of wish I would have found them sooner and used all W3d rails but I was shorted one from aliexpress and didn't want to wait a month to get it. Now, I'm coming back here for more of my printer goodies!

Overkill? No! Just the right number.

Now that's a proper LED. Here are the settings for you:
[neopixel th]
pin: toolhead:RGB
chain_count: 26
initial_RED: 0.01
initial_GREEN: 0.01
initial_BLUE: 0.01

And some fun:

[led_effect rainbow]
leds: neopixel:th (1-26)
autostart: false
frame_rate: 24
gradient 0.5 1 add (0.1, 0.0, 0.0),(0.0, 0.1, 0.0),(0.0, 0.0, 0.1)

Great sheet, not an exact fit

This does not fit the Ender 5 plus bed completely - misses by a couple cm, but that does not seem to matter. Our Ender 5+'s run 24/7 printing hard-to-stick ASA, and this bed does work very well, replacing a different brand that was used until it wore out.

Quick Shipping, A sticker, annnnnd a Sucker?!?!?!

Ordered 3 revo nozzles, shipping was fast. Also had a sucker and sticker, but I don't know what brand the sucker was, Caramel Apple something, but where do I order those???? SO GOOD! The sticker is great as well and now any printer accessories I need will be coming from West 3D in hopes of another sucker to cure my apple caramel addiction. Thanks West 3D!

Chunky 5015 Fans

These fans are quite chunk and didn't quite fit in my nevermore micro v6 without the assistance of snips and a file. Airflow is great though.

Great device. Love how it is now imbedded into the latest version of HueForge to add filament to the database

Worth every penny

No glue needed, that alone is worth a lot! This is a wonderful upgrade over the printed Klicky!

Super easy to print

This is the first ASA-CF I've seen available and was anxious to try it. It prints pretty much the same as traditional ASA without any real significant changes required. I upped my bed temperature from 95/100 to 105, that's it. A quick flow calibration and it was ready to go.

Top quality product and service!

Was having problems with the heated magnetic bed on my Snapmaker A350 not being flat. I installed a glass plate on the heatbed, but after printing on it for a bit, I found that I still prefer printing on the stock build plate. Tried clips for a while, to hold the build plate on to the glass, but found it to be cumbersome to remove prints.

I then started looking for alternatives to the clips and found a slightly larger size of this magnetic sheet on West3D and trimmed it to fit. Excellent holding power from the magnet. High temp, so it should last a long time. Good heat transfer. Very nice quality magnet.

I was therefore very happy with my purchase, and with West3D. Quick delivery. Well packaged. Great communication. They actually seem to care. Very nice company to do business with. I am looking forward to furthering my relationship with them.

My printer is now operating beautifully, with a very flat bed that works just like the original machine, without all the issues that come along with a non-flat bed. Outstanding.

OK assembly, inaccurate color codes

The assembly is decent but has some unusual features like using filament to hold parts in (despite said PCBs having mounting holes for screws). Color codes have been hit or miss, with some colors being veeery off.

Great product and service!

The "Complete Kit" (assembled) TD-1 looks and works great! I've tested with a couple of filaments so far and the readings seem to be very accurate. The precision is really good, when I keep testing the same filament my TD may fluctuate by +- 0.3 and the Color value may fluctuate by a few hexadecimal places (this was testing the same area of filament since there will be a variance of thickness and color in any spool).

The TD-1 can work as a standalone device if you need to know exact color and TD for your projects/products or in tandem with the new HueForge v0.7.1-beta-1 software (the beta version is only available to HF commercial license users at the moment of my review). With HueForge, once it detects a reading, it'll give you a pop-up to enter the filament type, brand, and name. Then you simply save it to your owned filaments. So easy!

I did have some difficulties feeding my filament through at first. It was because I used some filament that had slight extruder teeth marks instead of testing a fresh smooth piece. With that said, filaments that run a little thick will be difficult to feed, because the TD accuracy probably depends on the exact distance between the light and sensor. Just a heads up.

Lastly, West3D did a great job packing and shipping the unit and I hope to buy more awesome products from them soon!

Stealthburner upgrades

TLDR better than GDS time PCF needs a bit of shaving for stealthburner feels BEEFY

so several things I used to have issues with bridging and a fair bit of stringing ran a few temp towers playing with ambrosia asa (let me tell yall that stuff is great) and bridges came out beautifully at about 270-285C on a rapido 2 now be warned you'll have to shave off a bit of material from the sides a clip and some duct to get the guy to fit well and still is VERY snug you don't have to shave the entire housing it's mostly duct and clips I personally used a soldering iron blade (Please make sure you have an open window) and was able to fit it in about 5 minutes with some smoothing and some test fits the brass nut is mildly off center on the stealthburner which *almost* makes me want to throw on a Konami BUT well worth 12 bucks

Love the product! Also West3d really packaged the item well!

Seems like good quality

Seems like good quality, haven’t installed it yet but it got here quickly.

This is a fun little addition to the V0 that adds tons of light. West3D was quick on shipping it out.

Should be 5 BUT

The literal only reason this product is not 5 stars is because it doesnt give you much in the form of extra dupont connectors(which have the highest chance of breaking) in case you make a mistake, also theres no real explaination on how to use the pin pusher tool in the kit, took me a bit of messing with it to figure out how to use it but it does make getting those crimps in the connectors easier.
Also having all of a single wire color for your 24v connections seems like a bit of a copout. Id gladly pay extra just to have both red and black 24/20ga in a single kit instead, but if you wanna mod your voron this kit is definitely worth it, just pay VERY close attention to which wire is which in case you cant label it


Great customer service, I made a few mistakes when sourcing my voron so Ive been ordering like mad from west 3d, and they have combined the packages and bumped up the shipping speed as a last minute request, Ill be sourcing most if not all my voron upgrades here from west 3d.

Dramatic improvement over stock

I purchased these the week they came out, they were a dramatic improvement over the standard nozzles.

That being said, the price difference between this and an Obxidian HF makes it a tough choice to go with a brass nozzle.

Solid filament

Prints similarly to plain ABS that I have worked with in the past. With a well calibrated VORON 2.4, printed without much fuss. Fumes are a bit more punchy than with some other ABS, not an issue if the enclosure stays closed a little bit longer w/ a nevermore carbon filter running. Prints are strong, and the layer lines are nicely concealed at a distance by the glitter effect. Would recommend.

I did have one strange, random break within the filament, which would have been a potential issue if I were not running with a filament sensor.

Great but not perfect

LOD rails aren't the best (ask for berserkers instead) and my particular kit had a few issues (Missing shims, bad Z motor, Failed Acrylic), they did a great job making it right.

In the end, LDO makes building this printer easy, it's 99% of what you need for a great V0 in one box.

Good kit however

The kit is well packaged and seems to be high quality however the only problem I have is the misc screws are not labeled and packaged together in one bag and you have to dig through the bag and figure out the sizes yourself. That's my only complaint.

Great Tool for Belts

Really easy to get a consistent belt tension without having to fumble with apps.


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