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After a mishap with a loose thermister, I ended up destroying the old extended when trying to unscrew. This is a perfect replacement. Very well priced too. Thanks!

Solid product

I haven't needed yet (knock on wood) but good to have a spare.

Love it easy to adjust to 1.9 and a little difficult to use on a V0 but I still did it and for the trident o V4 it's a no brainer, I tried with sound app and stuff this is more precise

Great upgrade.

These are solid well made flex plates. I recommend one side textured and one side smooth to provide you with options - both print well and the textured deffinetly has great adhesion.

So far, I hate it.

So far, the only thing better about it than the CW2 is that it extruded the exact right amount of filament on the first try.

Assembling it was hard. Loading filament was *way* too difficult. And if there's no resistance, it extrudes nicely, but if it's trying to push through the hot end, it skips a *lot*.

I'm going to disassemble it and reprint it on a Bambu this time, but my Voron was dialed in *much* better than the Voron I printed my CW2 on, so this is a pretty poor outcome.

Leviathan Controller Board

Installation Ease

The Leviathan Controller Board is designed with user convenience in mind. Its form factor fits perfectly into the Voron Trident’s electronics compartment, making the installation process straightforward. The board’s layout is well-thought-out, offering clear and well-marked ports for all connections, which minimizes the risk of errors during the setup process.


This MCU is fully compatible with the Voron Trident, supporting all its features without the need for extensive modifications. It interfaces seamlessly with the printer’s existing hardware components, such as sensors, motors, and displays, which is a big plus for those looking to upgrade without hassle.


Once installed, the performance uplift is immediately noticeable. The Leviathan Controller Board MCU improves print speed and precision due to its robust processing power and optimized firmware compatibility. It supports advanced features like quieter stepper driver operation, improved thermal management, and more precise control over motion algorithms, all of which contribute to superior print quality.

Software Integration

The board is compatible with popular 3D printing software and firmware, including Klipper and Marlin, allowing users to take full advantage of its capabilities. The integration process is user-friendly, with plenty of online resources and community support available to help with firmware updates and tuning.

Reliability and Build Quality

Built to last, the Leviathan Controller Board boasts high-quality components that enhance its durability and reliability. It handles high-current loads well, making it suitable for long printing jobs, and operates efficiently under various thermal conditions.

Value for Money

While the Leviathan Controller Board MCU may be a bit pricier than some alternatives, its performance improvements, ease of installation, and reliability make it a worthwhile investment for any Voron Trident owner looking to optimize their 3D printing setup.


The Leviathan Controller Board MCU is an outstanding choice for Voron Trident owners. It offers a substantial upgrade in terms of performance, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to refine your prints or a professional needing dependable and precise manufacturing tools, this controller board is a compelling option. Its robust feature set and compatibility make it a top recommendation for enhancing the capabilities of the Voron Trident 3D printer.

Good tool

Awesome tool to help get those belts just right.

Very Nice Kit. Straightforward Assembly

I've been wanting to work on my HueForge skills, but testing the filaments by printing samples takes forever and is way too subjective to be accurate, so I was excited to see this little device that will test the TD for me in a matter of seconds. Assembly is pretty straightforward - you're really just soldering headers to the various boards - and once I re-soldered a couple of bad joints (my cheap portable soldering iron turned out to not be up to the job - use a good soldering iron) everything worked just fine. Using pieces of filament to secure a couple of items in place works way better than it sounds - this resulted in a nice solid little device.
I did notice that the color hex value can be erratic - it gave me very different results in four tests using the same piece of weird pink filament - and the TD value can vary a little - the same piece of PLA read either 5.9 or 6.0, which is really not that big a difference to me. I suspect there's a learning curve that I haven't completed yet.
I recommend you use a good soldering iron, take your time, and check each connection before you move to the next step. Or spend the additional $40 to get the fully assembled TD-1. It took me about 2.5 hours to assemble, so about $16 an hour, if you don't factor in the time and cost of the filament to print the enclosure. If you enjoy building electronics projects, get the kit. Otherwise, the assembled device is worth it. I do like my Burnt Titanium enclosure better than their Teal one, though . . .

First voron frame

This was my first ever voron frame. It went together very well and looked great!

A Pleasurable Experience

To all at West3D, it was nice to do business with a small company that checked all the boxes. I purchased the TD-1 DIY Sensor. It arrived earlier than expected and was packaged with care. All components of the build were packaged well and accounted for. I do not have a lot of experience assembling electronic devices such as this, but with the video instructions, I was able to complete the build. I did have an issue with the display. Evidently I didn't handle it with enough care and broke it. I checked the site and found the BOM for this device and was able to order the exact display from Amazon. I received it the next day and installed again. The unit is operational now. As far as the unit function, I'm experiencing Hex Codes that very a lot from published values. The TD values seem to be consistent.

Great filament

If you have not tried this filament out yet I highly recommend that you do!


Been following this for a while on Discord. Ajax did a great job with the device and my interaction with 3D west was phenomenal. Quick shipping, great quality and a very happy hue forge user.

Amazing kit!! Easy to assemble.

This is an amazing kit! It works as advertised, you can easily check the TD and get the hex color code of your filament. Super useful if you are using Filament Painting software, like the Hueforge.

If you want to build one of these, check out my YT channel (Greg's Maker Corner). I have a video that goes step by step. YouTube video placeholder
Way different build experience than LDO

This kit was clearly tossed together in a hurry. None of the bags are labeled, so you have to guess what some of the wires are for. No electronics included, must purchase separately. My LDO V2.4 kit had everything I needed (electronics included), each size fastener in a separate bag, and things were clearly grouped by function (motion, fasteners, etc.) I probably should have waited for the LDO ERCFv2 kit.

Print’s flexible filament amazing.
Serious pain to mount to your individual printer and for example on the ender 5+ i had to make all custom wire adapters in order to make it work also the bed center will be offset and may loose print volume do to the mounting can be fixed through modification and code adjustment but it was a lot of work to get operating as intended. Also if you’re wondering the simplified version means you need to print the plastic body and fan piping and the files are found on GitHub MAKE SURE YOU PRINT THE CORRECT FILE BECAUSE ONE FILE HAS NO MOUNTING HOLES.

The best ASA ive ever had

I have HATED asa forever, and had no luck no matter what brand or color etc. Somehow this prints just as easy as ABS with no warping in my X1C. Spool is perfect for the AMS's too without getting worn down.

Exactly what I needed.

Even though I have had a short interaction with these guys, product was perfect. Customer service is great!

Phenomenal products

I'm a first time buyer from West3d and I really don't know how it's not more well known. The linear rails I purchased glide another than I could ever ask for, even before cleaning and prepping. I kind of wish I would have found them sooner and used all W3d rails but I was shorted one from aliexpress and didn't want to wait a month to get it. Now, I'm coming back here for more of my printer goodies!

Overkill? No! Just the right number.

Now that's a proper LED. Here are the settings for you:
[neopixel th]
pin: toolhead:RGB
chain_count: 26
initial_RED: 0.01
initial_GREEN: 0.01
initial_BLUE: 0.01

And some fun:

[led_effect rainbow]
leds: neopixel:th (1-26)
autostart: false
frame_rate: 24
gradient 0.5 1 add (0.1, 0.0, 0.0),(0.0, 0.1, 0.0),(0.0, 0.0, 0.1)

Great sheet, not an exact fit

This does not fit the Ender 5 plus bed completely - misses by a couple cm, but that does not seem to matter. Our Ender 5+'s run 24/7 printing hard-to-stick ASA, and this bed does work very well, replacing a different brand that was used until it wore out.


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