Magnetic Flex Plate Double-Sided and Single-Sided with 3M Magnetic Backing (Energetic & West3D Collab)

EnergeticSKU: W30007046

Size: 355x355mm (For 350mm Build Plates)
Logo: No Logo
Style: Double-Sided smooth/texture
Sale price$59.99


West3D and Energetic Collab design - Double-sided PEI spring steel sheet (options for textured (powder coated) and smooth, or double sided smooth) with 3M magnetic Base and adhesive backing. The supplied magnet is rated for 130c. Our flex steel sheets are .5mm thick without the PEI coating, and approximately 1mm thick with both PEI sides. 

This flex plate is oversized to make removing and fitting to the build plate easy, and features options for either plain or logo'd on the smooth side. For double-sided smooth flex plates “Yes Logo” means we put the logo on one side and not on the other.
Want to skip the magnet? Use code “NOMAGNET” at checkout for $5 off, we will ship without.
For Voron Sizes:
For 350mm builds order a 355mm
For 300mm builds order a 305mm
For 250mm builds order a 255mm
For V0.1 builds order a 125mm

For other printers please review the sizing required for your particular model.
Popular Models:
320x310mm - CR10s Pro(v2)/CR10V2/V3 Ender 3 Max
254x241mm - Prusa MK3(s) / MK2.5
235x235mm - Ender 3 (3,3X,Pro etc.), Ender 5, Cr-20, CR-20 Pro, Geetech A10 etc.
196.3x190mm - Prusa Mini
180x180mm - RatRig V-Minion
160x160mm - SaladFork

We have our very own PNG for our logo build plates for use in your favorite slicer, thanks Kyleisah#2433! 
*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not affiliated or endorsed by Voron Design.

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