Phaetus neXt G Fiber Extreme Gradient Drop Effect Hotend (NeXtG)

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Ultra High Flow rate

With a new heater and hotend design the neXt G was designed to achieve higher flow rates. Utilizing the ultra-high flow nut adapter, the melt zone can be further extended to achieve a maximum printing flow rate of up to 45mm3/s.

Rigid Kinematic Coupling System

The kinematic coupling system of the neXt G hotend ensures that your heater block is super rigid, while significantly limiting the heat transfer to the heatsink. This rigid structure protects the heatbreak from bending if your bed leveling fails. This rigid structure protects the heatbreak when the nozzle scrapes over a warped print. One-handed nozzle changes are possible and even if the nozzle is tightened too thoroughly the rigid structure will protect your heatbreak.

V6 Nozzle Compatibility

A major request for the neXt G hotend was the compatibility with the V6 nozzle system. You can now use V6 nozzles on the neXt G hotend to ensures freedom of choice on nozzles.

Same Footprint As A Dragon Hotend

The neXt G was designed to have the same dimensions as the Dragon hotend which makes it compatible to the big repository of Dragon hotend attachment systems (e.g. Voron, Creality etc.). With the Groove Mount adaptor, it can also be used on the Prusa printers (e.g Mk2, Mk3 etc.)

New Ceramic Heater

The neXt G hotend uses an efficient ceramic heater plate which is more cost effective and easier to maintain than a ceramic ring heater

  • Color: Black
  • Thermistor: PT1000
  • Heating Temp: 320°C+
  • Heatbreak: RCC Coated All Metal
  • Heatbreak Lifespan: Continuous Printing ~100kg of filament
  • Nozzle: Hardened Steel Nozzle
  • Features/Advantages
    • Ultra high flow rate
    • Rigid kinematic coupling system
    • High compatibility
    • New ceramic heater
  • Compatible Filament: PET-CF, PET-GF, PAHT-CF, PAHT-GF, NexPA-CF25, NexPA-GF25, S-PAHT, S-Multi

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