Synchromesh and Pulley Kit for Positron


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Cable and pulley gears arrived in perfect condition.

I brought the tension high enough that the two parallel long runs don’t touch each other, and when crimping, I pushed the wire in so that there was 0.5mm sticking out (for visual inspection), ensured the crimper head overlapped the metal part of the connector, and after crimping, used side cutters to trim off the red plastic so it would not interfere with the sliding of the toolhead, or bend the cable as the toolhead got near the idlers.

Thanks West 3D and Yeti3D for sourcing this hard to find cable, and also for the perfectly fitting pulleys. The pulleys have a tiny flat D near the set screw area, so I covered the motors in plastic and used a sander to put a tiny (yes, very tiny) flat spot on one side of the motor shaft, and then it fit like a charm.


Great product from great seller!


Each kit comes with 1.75m of Nylon and Stainless Steel Synchromesh Cable and 2 compatible Synchromesh Pulleys, required for building the Positron V3 Kit from scratch.

Synchromesh cable produced specifically for the Positron combines with a special blend of thermoset polymers provides a resistant but light pulley capable of handling the necessary forces your printer will exert.

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