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What a F**kin' box it was

Ordered a 10 dollar box of who knows what, and got 2 XOL toolhead fastener kits, and who can't use more fasteners, It also gave me the impetus to build a XOL toolhead, so win win.

Great extruder kit!

This is a well designed extruder. I opted for the G2E with my Stealthburner head vice the G2SA. The kit and finish on all the gears is excellent, and so far it's been a great kit.

Super Nice

I actually upgraded to 9mm belts for my ab drives on my 2.4 and went awd, trying to save a penny I attempted to press a longer shaft in a lesser stepper to see if i could do it. after looking at these compared to another reputable brand, you can see the differtences hidden under the shell. namely why the rated current is much higher. these are the way to go for sure

Just what I wanted

This is a good nozzle and is worth the purchase. It handles all the abrasive filaments that I need to print. I ended up buying another .6 nozzle.

Superb Drying and Dry Storage System

Needed a good way to dry and store filament. I found it in the Polymaker 3D Printing Filament PolyDryer and Storage Box. This system is the easiest drying/storage system I have used. The convenience of drying and storing of filament in individual boxes with the ability to dry in the box as needed has been a time saver. The Polymaker PolyDryer and storage box system’s separate Dryer means I can have several boxes of filament dry and ready to put into use without the need for multiple dryers like other brands offer. The clear boxes with their in box desiccant holders with digital humidity sensor keep the filament dry for months of storage and allow fast identification of the stored filament. I have purchased several of the storage boxes and will be buying more for all my filament.

Great little voc filter

Perfect little filter for keeping voc and fumes from filling the room. Only con was wish it came with charcoal ready to go.

Perfect print, good name brand fans but wish it came with charcoal to be ready to use.

Good at first - still trying

I'm on my first roll of this filament - I've got two more on the way. I dried the filament for about 4 hours at 80 c initially, and a couple more time sense then. The first 3/4 of the roll has been great, but the last 1/4 of the roll has broken on every other print.

I really want to like this filament, but I haven't had this experience with any of my other brands. I am very curious to see how this filament does in a heated chamber. I am skeptical of the PC blend.

Drop in replacement (harness aside)

The west3D site made it easy to select the combination of parts to replace my printer’s v6 clone with a Revo. After crimping a few oddball terminal, good to go. Bundling an second nozzle is icing on the cake!

Great Mod!

I bought this to help keep the heat in the chamber better. My side and top panels are sealed well but the doors with the gaps just didn't perform super well. This mod keeps the heat in better. It is also removable for when you want to print material that doesn't require a heated chamber(PLA, TPU, etc).

Much needed for Mods!

These nuts work well for mods or nuts that you may have forgotten to install.... yes you could buy your own square nuts and grind a couple edges off and make these yourself.(I've done exactly that). It works but it is much more of a pain to get them just right so they slip into the extrusion vs spending a few dollars to get a bag of them. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bag or two of these before you start building a v0. You won't regret having them.

Got me back up and running quick!

Previous Thermal fuse ate it after i ran the bed at 115C, West3D got this out quick and got my printer back up and running. Been working perfectly since. (Bought a spare just in case XD)

Have yet to use yet but shipping was as expected

Works like a champ.

I printed the supports for my Voron 2.4 350 and emplaced the lights in a very short time, wired it up and added the lights to my printer.cfg.

Very bright and good color.

So far so good

This is a higher quality piece than the OEM gearset. The extruder is a key component of any 3d printer, this is a must have in my book.

Awesome lightweight extruder

Previously I was running a Sherpa mini, but for some reason it never could grip the filament very well. It may have something to do with printing my own : |. I looked for other extruders and found the orbiter to be the closest popular extruder on the market. This thing is fantastic, and I haven't had the extruder slip even at 30 mm3/s flow! The quality and engineering of this extruder is top-notch.

Great toolhead board

I am using this to simplify tool head wiring for a tool changing printer. So far, this board is working great with klipper over CAN bus directly hooked up to the octopus, though I have heard that there may be some slowdown. This arrived with all the needed jumpers and connectors to redo the cabling.


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