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Excellent Project

This is a great kit to assemble in between printer builds! Very impressive for a dart blaster.

Very good kit

Includes all parts and link to github page. Instructions were easy to follow. Stl's printed great. Calibration was a breeze. I compared this to the phone app frequency calibration and it was spot on.

125mm two sided - Works well

Bought one of these to use as a spare for my V0. Adhesion and release are both great. The only problem I have is that sometimes, and I have yet to figure out how or why, the plate will actually get shifted off of the magnet while printing. I am going to swap to a stronger magnetic sheet at some point to see if that solves it. The plate performs as expected, so I am giving it 5 stars for function.

Great Extruder

I bought one of these for my Voron 2.4R2 build. I was having a really weird issue with the CW2 extruder, I think I may have had a defective bearing. I ended up deciding to just do this upgrade and I am glad I did. My extrusion has been extremely consistent, and the whole thing went together very easily.

Works very well

This is a really great idea, and the kit had exactly what I needed. If you are printing the parts yourself like me, make sure your printer is really dialed in to get the details right on this. It worked really well for me on my V0 and V2.4, to get their belt tension correct.

Awesome Product

LDO documentation is straight forward and easy to use. Package arrived on time and in great condition.

LDO Orbiter Extruder V2.0
Ramon Rodriguez
Nice extruder

Awesome little extruder highly recommended

Don't bother

The first heater assembly was not tight and it oozed out of the top. Trying to tighten this broke the ceramic heater. I ordered a replacement, assuming it was my fault the heater broke, and this one oozed out the Thermistor connection. I ran a PID tune and my printer errored due to irregular heating. I pulled off the silicone sock and the ceramic heater fell apart. Very disappointed and I give up on trying to make this work.

Fantastic ASA, Great value

I use the FDE color for vehicle interior parts and it is a perfect match for my needs. Prints fantastic right out of the box, well vacuum sealed. Even when i let it sit out alongside my Sunlu ASA this printed nearly the same while the Sunlu has surface defects like crazy.
My only small complaint would be i wish the edges were glue coated or more uniform for better Bambu AMS compatibility. Better than most cardboard spools but i do still have issues with cardboard particles getting into the AMS and feeding errors when the spool gets near the end. Not a huge deal as i plan on respooling any new rolls i buy.

Would love to try the black ASA once its restocked

Best Reinforced Filament I've used So Far

I had bought some ASA and ABS from Alan(MandicReally), when he had his moving sale. One of the spools I got, is Blue aeWorthy ASA-GF. I have used it for two prints so far. I wanted to print a vice for my Mini Mill. I knew I needed to use ABS or ASA. I thought, lets try the ASA-GF. 0.6mm nozzle with .24mm layer height. 4 walls and 10 top and bottom layers. It came out looking great and is super strong. Layer adhesion came out great. My temp is at 255C and I had to turn the flow rate down to 90%. At the moment, I have the VFD mount for my Mini Mill printing. Ignore the slight over extrusion still. in the picture of that.

The only negative that I have, the smell is the strongest of any Styrene based filament that I've came across so far. I have a Bento Box with some server fans in it. I even have the Chamber Filter Fan in my P1S, running at 30% to try and help.

That being said, I will be buying plenty more Phaetus filament from West3D from here on. Especially the ASA-GF.

P.S. I wish I would've bought my Mil0 v1.5 from West3D. I'm never buying anything from the distributor that I go it from, ever again, I had to re-print 90% of the parts that they sent me.

Best nozzles yet

No more changing nozzles out left & right. The only nozzle we use now!

Love it!

Not too hot & a ton of flavor, must try!

Wonderful replacement for OMC steppers

I had a kit that came with some re-branded OMC steppers. They were loud, and a bearing was clearly failing on one of them. I replaced them with these quality LDO steppers and I couldn't be happier. It's also great that the lead screw is coated with teflon - no grease needed.

Look high quality. I love the preload and the port for grease

They're some damn good fasteners

Each type of fastener comes in its own little bag, so its easy to sort through


This is definitely an unnecessary upgrade, but it is so nice! The positive click is much better than the stock magnet latch.

The LDO Voron 2.4 kit

Super quick shipping. West3D shipped the kit and it arrived within 24hrs after ordering. The kit is high quality and an excellent value.

Voron Trident 300

Got this door to finish my Trident build and it fit perfectly. All the hardware was included and the extrusions were wrapped perfectly. Just had to fire off the printed parts for this and assembly it.

Very happy with this kit and highly recommend it.

Thank you LDO and West3d for provided a great kit.

Good quality belt

Bought these for 9mm conversion as well as belted Z conversion. Really excited to use them! Good customer service as always.


Spool assembled off center, cannot use in BAMBU AMS! Cardboard spool binds in AMS and keep breaking the filament!!

Great Build Plate and Better Customer Service!

Bought the 355x355 plate with powder-coated PEI on one side and PEO on the other. ABS sticks great to the textured side, and I no longer have any warping issues, even with large, flat prints. PEO side is great for PLA and leaves an awesome surface finish.

West3D was super quick to help me with an issue I had, and even sent me a replacement product. Will definitely continue to buy from West3D!

Great motor from LDO

This motor is perfect for my Ender to Switchwire conversion. It delivers excellent performance, providing me with great speed and acceleration.


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