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Phaetus Rapido (Rapido 2) Hot End (Hotend) - UHF / HF Standard and Plus (104NT and PT1000)

Decent rail

This rail is working fairly well for me on my custom-machined voron x-axis. I was able to request an ungreased rail which saved me from having to clean off any factory-applied grease. Unfortunately it is not the smoothest rail I've used. It is noticeably notchy when sliding in one direction but not the other, taking a surprising amount of force to clear the notches/detents. I'm not seeing any artifacts in my prints caused by it, but it does not feel great when sliding by hand.

Great fan

Not the quietist fan, but it moves a surprising amount of air and has been running flawlessly for me so far.

Great fan

Great 12V fan. It moves a ton of air and has been running reliably for me so far.

Great comprehensive set of hardware

This is a very thoroughly put-together part kit for a Xol toolhead. I recommend it highly. The only thing I would change is to add a few more heat inserts, specifically M2, because the amount included as of writing this review (8) is only just enough and doesn't allow for any extras or for implementing the M2x30mm bones in the lasted Xol revision.

Works for x1c

Bambu Labs states you need 2.5id and 4od tubes so there's no drag, working perfect thus far.

Great kit

This is a great kit. It was fairly easy to put together.

The trick is to have the right amount of squish and elephant foot compensation on the first layer for printing the parts. With too much squish, the gears don't mesh well.

Using this I determined that I had over-tensioned the belts in my Voron 2.4. It was fairly easy to adjust the belts to the correct tension.

Customer review

My experience with west3D was great! They were very helpful and quick to respond with any issues or questions that I had. Thank you

Great Kit

I recently bought this kit and it went together so quickly and easily. It had all the parts I needed for the latest version of Voron Tap. This kit got me up and going in a single day as I had already 3D printed the parts needed.

Great products, great service

The fastener kit I ordered was missing an item. I let them know, they verified my purchase and sent out the parts I needed without any extra cost to me. I have since ordered more products from them and will continue to do so. My philosophy is that if they treat me right, they will always have my business. Great job guys!!

Responsive and helpful

I have always been well served by West3D. I have asked for help ensuring my orders were sent out ASAP, and the team has always done their best to help. They are a great partner in keeping my printers up and running and I will continue to use them for my 3D printing needs.

Great experience

I have purchased several items from West3D now and their communications with me have been great and the products arrived on time and in good condition. I will continue to rely on them for my 3D printing needs. This charcoal showed up just as expected with no mess in the box and ready to go into my air filter setup.

Perfect for a Voron or a Refurb

Works flawlessly and well. Installed and wired quickly, functions without issue. On sale it's a bit less than the usual than the suggested Voron BOM piece, and it's works just as well. I've been using the first one I bought for the past few months and it's been great.

Great, but not perfect

It should be very nice once installed (I've only assembled it. I haven't yet installed.) Very thoughtful design and I can see several advantages to it. As an incredibly useful bonus, West3D includes the hardware required for installing this, including M5 bolts (for the XY joints) and M3 bolts for attaching your linear rail. Will this make your printer wash dishes? Of course not. However, the weight reduction and sturdiness just might allow a bit more acceleration.

However, the product isn't perfect. As much time as must have gone into machining this, and considering the cost, some of the M5 holes were either poorly tapped, or something was done to muck up the threads. Screwing into some of them felt like trying to screw through threads with a poor paint job, or even like they were cross-threaded.

Great filament

This stuff prints nicely, though I do find that the suggested temperatures are way too low. I run 265 nozzle 110 bed

Wanna go fast? You need this kit!

Rails are perfectly cut, perfectly square, and fit with the machined base plate and Z arm made by Culver Machining. Both parties did an awesome job so everything fits together perfectly.

Cable and pulley gears arrived in perfect condition.

I brought the tension high enough that the two parallel long runs don’t touch each other, and when crimping, I pushed the wire in so that there was 0.5mm sticking out (for visual inspection), ensured the crimper head overlapped the metal part of the connector, and after crimping, used side cutters to trim off the red plastic so it would not interfere with the sliding of the toolhead, or bend the cable as the toolhead got near the idlers.

Thanks West 3D and Yeti3D for sourcing this hard to find cable, and also for the perfectly fitting pulleys. The pulleys have a tiny flat D near the set screw area, so I covered the motors in plastic and used a sander to put a tiny (yes, very tiny) flat spot on one side of the motor shaft, and then it fit like a charm.

This is indeed a collection of high quality stainless fasteners, and included a few extras where the build video left certain spots unpopulated. Very well thought-out. Thanks!

The motors work perfectly, and are packed well so they can endure the trip.

Amazing products!!

I love your amazing products that you sell. From the E3D products to your own berserker line, everything is amazingly good quality!

Super easy to install and excellent brightness

I’ve not used it yet but have put it together. Two of the magnets I got didn’t work the polarities were opposite of what they should be

Easy and quick

Exactly what I needed for my build when I needed it, thanks


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